Tank Removal

From start to finish we can perform all residential, commercial, and industrial tank removals in a quick and professional manner. These tanks need to be managed before a property transaction can occur and a leaking tank is often a deal breaker, adding time to your settlement. If you know there is an old underground tank at your property, don’t wait to contact us for expert advice and a free quote.

In the event contamination is discovered below the tank, we can simplify the remedial process, assist you with determining possible insurance coverage, and with New Jersey or Pennsylvania Grant Program applications.


Residential, commercial, or industrial we have the experience, equipment and personnel to meet your remediation needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. We understand that remediation of a contaminated site and complying with environmental regulations can be a worrisome, which is why we provide turnkey services for our clients to get your property in full compliance with environmental regulations as cost efficiently and quickly as possible.

Phase I Site Assessments

We perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, to identify recognized environmental conditions, in accordance with the current ASTM Standard E 1527. These activities are performed by personnel with more than 20 years of experience and include the following tasks:
  • Search and review of environmental databases
  • The performance of a site inspection and interviews with key personnel knowledgeable regarding conditions at the site
  • A review of existing environmental files
  • A review of historical documentation indicating the past uses of the property or past operations that were conducted at the property
We will work with you to ensure that the Phase I ESA is completed within your timeframe. We are already pre-approved with several large lending institutions and we carry the insurance requirements to be approved by the lender of your choice.

Site Investigation

Environmental Maintenance has the site investigation capabilities to handle your needs. We routinely perform:
  • Test Boring Investigations and Delineation
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Test Pit Investigations
  • New Jersey Independent Groundwater Assessments
  • PADEP Act 2 Site Investigations
  • Forensics Age Date Sampling
  • Groundwater Testing

Site Development

Environmental Maintenance has the in-house personnel and equipment to meet all your site development needs. We have extensive experience with building decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition, waste disposal, asbestos removal and management, site grading, erosion control, drainage, wetlands restoration and more.

Waste Management

Environmental Maintenance employs fully licensed and insured OSHA and DOT certified drivers to handle your solid and liquid waste disposal needs. We maintain a fleet of vacuum trucks to provide out clients with services such as: drum pickup and disposal, bulk fluid pump out-outs and disposal, tank cleaning, and Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR) events.